marketing done. 

Screw the complex marketing strategies, let’s connect with your people deeper 
and let your stories do the selling. 

Your business is what people buy from, your brand is why they’ll keep buying.

work with me

I’ll market the rest. 

Just step into yourself;

marketing terms are


Ok not really- but fancy terms and titles don’t matter. 

what does?

Figuring out where the hell people 1st become aware of you and your brand on a daily basis.

We need more people to know you exist. So more people can buy your shit. 

you can do this in 3 ways.




Paid Marketing- ads; obviously takes money. 

Organic marketing- posting organically on social media; Google, LinkedIn, wherever people discover you. 

Referrals- people think you’re great, they refer you to their people! 

To get #1 to work- you need to get #2 to work. 
To get #3 to work- you need to get #2 to work. 

Everything stems from the middle - Organic Marketing.

Content Marketing. Email Marketing. 
If you can’t sell to people who are already in your audience; how the fuck are they going to refer you to others? And how the hell is a paid ad going to work to a cold audience if you can’t even sell it your current audience? 


insert me.


People buy from People. 

Marketing isn’t about making a sale, marketing is about opening a relationship. 

People buy from a feeling, a connection, a relationship.

How do you do this? 
Through your stories, your values, what your brand stands for (and against).

I say and do the things that people don’t have the courage to say or do;


For years I always knew I was “meant for more” but I spent the majority of my 20’s having babies, being “mom” and supporting my husband. I thought in order to start a business I needed to do it on the backs of his degree. So I did. 2 of them to be exact. We opened a Crossfit Gym in the morning of March 4, 2018 and in the evening I birthed our 3rd baby. We had 2 babies that day. With our business partner we grew that brick and mortar gym to be something awesome in less than a year. I did most of the behind the scenes work. The 3 of us were really good at building relationships. I credit that to the reason why we scaled so fast. We then went on to launch online courses when the pandemic hit in another area that wasn’t fitness related. I immersed myself into the online business world, consuming podcasts, joining programs, watching, learning, doing, anything and everything I could to make our 2 businesses grow. But I kept behind HIM, he was the face, I was the behind the scenes. 

And my marketing agency was born. BUT the underlying reason why I had so much success right out of the gate was because of this: Marketing is not about making a sale, it’s about opening a relationship. I had been sharing our entire story, and journey publicly on social media. Everyone had been following along. And then it hit me right in the face. I don’t have to market like all these all other - I can simply teach people how to share stories that connect in their marketing, build a relationship, and sell without “selling”. It’s a hill I’m willing to die on. You don’t need to market in a way that sounds salsey, sleazy, or slimy. You don’t need to run ads or burn up all your leads. I do things D I F F E R E N T. But good news, I think you’re ready for different too. I have helped companies who run super successful certification programs, I’ve sold thousands of my own online courses as well as my clients, as well as product based businesses who have millions in launches, and small business owners looking to get started with email marketing and put themselves out there on video to get seen. 

Well… I ended up getting 52 people to apply.

until one day...

He didn’t want to be online anymore. Add in a surprise pregnancy with our 4th baby during the global pandemic I felt like my back was against the wall in all the right ways. (Us people with ADHD work realllllly well under pressure) I made a simple Facebook post with a Google form and wanted to help ONE person with their content and email marketing. To grow, scale, and launch whatever they wanted. I could do it all for them. I just needed ONE driven hungry entrepreneur to help. 

I love it all. 

And I love you. 

Passion can sell anything, and I’m passionate about your business already. If you’re ready to work, I’m ready to go to bat for you, 

xo, hilary.

messaging and marketing magic

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You want your business to be around for years. No. Matter. What. Create a Marketing Plan for Sustainable growth. Get people aware of you and your amazing business through organic content and email marketing that sounds like you. 

Marketing is about opening a relationship, not making a sale.

The algorithm is always changing on every app. You wanna know who it doesn’t affect? Those that remain consistent. BUT you aren’t sure how or what or why or wtf to even say. I totally get it! And to build a relationship with your people, you have to tell stories that connect, and content that converts. BUT HOW. That is what messaging and marketing magic is. You are the marketing and I will guide you through it.

The only marketing program you need to grow your business into what you’ve always wanted it to be. I’m not fuckin joking. 

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