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December 31, 2021

There are a lot of savvy words in the corporate world that honestly- I don’t even know wtf they mean. When I first got into the online space I didn’t feel qualified. 

I didn’t have a degree. (still don’t)

I didn’t have a website. 

I thought having a blog was where you get exposed. (hint- this blog finally came about after 2.5 years of business) 

What I did do what make a lot of content. 

Or what my family would say… an over sharer. 

But that over sharing landed me a lot of business when I finally said yooo I’m here to help- and this is what we can do. 

I simpled called it: “Implement with Hilary.” 

That was my first program. Shout out to you if you are one of 5 OG’s that paid me to do this with me. 

The first step to getting people to work with you, and getting them aware of you. 

  1. Awareness. Where do they find you? Where do they become aware of you? Tiktok? Instagram? Linkedin? Networking events? 
  2. Then you have to build the relationship, keep them connected. This happens naturally with your emails, and your content. This is why its important to become consistent. 
  3. Storytelling and showcasing who you are is the easiest way for people to get a know like and trust factor. 

But before any of that… I get this question/comment often. 

“I am nothing special. I don’t have story to tell.” 

Have you ever thought that? 

And I know it sounds so cliche… but it’s the honest truth, there is legit only of you in the entire world. 

This is what I help people do. Figure out who they are so they can have the confidence to share, which will then attract their dream clients. 

Before we can even step into marketing and analytics we gotta figure out who you are at your core– but not in such a deep woo woo way I promise 😉

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