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How to get paid without selling.

December 31, 2021

Affiliates. Final Answer. 

Before you think this title is all MLM and click bait-y I want you to know that I legit don’t advertise many if at all my affiliates. 

I just show myself using the product, or show my day to day life. So people are like omggg I am starting an email list! Help! What do I use? They know I likely know email- since I give email tips, send 2 emails a day, and have a free mini course with zero pitch, all about growing your email list. 

I’ll link those at the bottom if you want. But that’s not what this blog is about. 

It’s about YOU doing this yo-self. Mmk? 

  1. Make a list of all the shit you use in your day to day or your business. 
  2. Go to their website and usually at the bottom it’ll say something like become a partner or an affiliate. 
  3. Sign up. 
  4. Keep a simple google doc or even in your notes section on your iphone like I do of your custom links. 
  5. Talk about it, but don’t sell it. People like to buy things- but they don’t like to be sold to. Ya know what I mean? If you don’t let me explain, and give you a couple ideas. 

Example 1

You sell skin care.

Do this:

Show yourself washing your face everyday. 

Give a few words of encouragement and on the side, just simply be washing your face. 

Do a timelasp of washing your face every single night. 

This will peak peoples interest. 

“Oh your skin looks great! What do you use?” 

Boom. send the link.

Do not do this: 

I love this skincare! Buy it here! 30% off this week! 


That is selling. People like to buy things- but they don’t like to be sold to! 

Example 2

You are an online coach

Do this: 

Give examples of your client on-boarding process. 

Talk about what you do, “I first book a discovery call with them, after they say yes, I send them over a simple invoice and contract, then together we create a shared board for our time together.” 

Natural questions people will ask you: 

“Oh what do you use to book calls?” I use calendly! Here is a link if you want. 

“I love this! What do you use to send over contracts?” I use honeybook! Here is a link if you want to explore it!

“What do you use for project managing?” Currently I use clickup! Used to use trello. Here is a link if you want! 

Sell, without selling.

Let them ASK and COME to you. 

And now I leave you will a simple list of MY favorite things! 

Here is a link of allllllll my favorite things: 

  1. Honeybook or Dubsado? The question most online business owners think about. I use honeybook. Full transparency as to why? It was just the one I looked at first. I make decisions fast. I love it. It’s easy peazy. I have a 20% here if you need to send contracts, proposals, or invoices. LINK
  2. Yeah so I send emails to my people 2x a week. When I first got started, I used flodesk. I feel like flodesk is great for when you’re just starting out. If you have under 500 people on your list. LINK
  3. My next email suggestion is Active Campaign. This is when you need to get a little more robust with yo shit. Like you want to do a launch and have people opt out of the launch sequence but still get your emails! Flodesk can’t do that. AC can. AC is good too if you want to do ads someday. But for the love of all things holy do not do ads until you have vetted you offer, k?! LINK
  4. Ok so this may seem dumb but…ppl love my blueblocker glasses. I know I look cute right? They are DIFF. You can scoop up some here if you want to look equally as cute.
  5. Another thing, I talked about these pillows that I’m obsessed with… this is not an affiliate link, its just me letting you know that if you are in the market for new pillows on your bed. Casper pillow- the essential, you can find them at target. 
  6. To book calls with yo people, Calendly. It also connects to your honeybook. win/win.
  7. Creating a Course? Kajabi. The End. Best. Hands down.
  8. Ever wanted to create a quiz? I got you! Interact is the bomb.
  9. And My favorite way to get more clients is 2 fold.
    1. Be yourself 
    2. Referrals

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